Mes de Acción del Agua: por qué y cómo involucrarse

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El Mes de Acción del Agua es una oportunidad anual para que las organizaciones centradas en WASH se reúnan detrás del objetivo común de garantizar que todos, en todas partes, cuenten con agua limpia, baños decentes y buena higiene. Alix Charles, consultor de campañas en End Water Poverty, explica por qué es un momento clave para el sector.

Water: one of our planet’s most precious resources, a vital element for survival of life on Earth, and undeniably at the core of development towards a healthier and more sustainable global population. Lack of access to safe water is holding back millions from escaping poverty. Fortunately, End Water Poverty (EWP) members are hard at work towards achieving our common goal of ending the water and sanitation crisis for all. The combined time and dedication of the members of our 250-organisation-strong global civil society coalition culminates each year in March for Water Action Month.

In March 2016, End Water Poverty brought together dozens of organisations during the first-ever Water Action Month to rally behind a common goal of holding governments accountable for providing safe drinking water and sanitation for all citizens. Here are two important reasons for all WASH-focused NGOs to get involved:

1. Information is key to measuring progress on Sustainable Development Goal 6

With officially 14 years left to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in 2015 – including Goal 6 to 'ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all' – every second counts!

Your involvement in Water Action Month will help determine where the world stands on achieving SDG6. Read more about the human right to water and sanitation >

2. Learning from others is a great way to increase your impact

Communication, sharing best practices, and learning from others’ mistakes are just a few of the goals EWP works towards through its global network of members. In an increasingly divided world, it is more important than ever for individuals and organisations to unite behind common goals.

Water Action Month is your annual opportunity to engage with our members and other organisations working on ending water poverty. Great things happen when we work together!

  1. Download EWP's Water Action Month activities toolbox, which includes tips for activities such as writing letters to government, creating partnerships, involving the private sector, holding workshops, and much more.
  2. Download and share promotional materials. We have developed three different visual concepts to highlight this year's theme of 'Now is the time!' Download these images, and have them ready for the start of Water Action Month.
  3. Share your Water Action Month events on End Water Poverty's shared calendar. Don't have any events planned yet? No problem! Get in touch for support in coming up with ideas, or take a look at the 2016 calendar archive for inspiration.
  4. Schedule a meeting! Get your team together to discuss how your organisation will participate in this year's Water Action Month. Please email us if you would like them to join your meeting via Skype or phone.
  5. Attend a webinar or submit your photos and videos. End Water Poverty is putting on a month-long webinar series, photo contest, and video contest, focusing themes of finance, the human right to water and sanitation, monitoring and accountability, and children and youth.