Beacon Project: lessons from a partnership to provide sustainable, equitable and universal WASH in Lahan, Nepal

Nepal, Partnerships
WaterAid/John Knight
Image: WaterAid/John Knight

The Beacon Project is a long-term partnership between WaterAid Nepal, Anglian Water, the Nepal Water Supply Corporation and the city of Lahan to make progress towards the global goal on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Supported by Nepal's Ministry of Water Supply, the project aims to achieve sustainable, equitable and universal WASH services across the city, and create a model that can be replicated and scaled-up.

From Source to Tap: Lessons from improving water supply in Lahan, Nepal

This report documents some of the technical lessons from the Beacon Project. It focuses on how the partnership is helping the Nepal Water Supply Corporation improve and expand piped water supply systems in Lahan, and details activities, results and lessons learnt across seven technical areas.

​​​​​This report draws out valuable lessons from the collective experiences of this unique partnership, which is central to the project’s design and success. The document provides an overview of how the partnership was established, the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders, and the project's governance arrangements. It also summarises key achievements from the past four years and captures lessons from the implementation of the project.

Top image: Nepal Water Supply Corporation staff receive training on using the borehole CCTV camera.