Everyone, everywhere: A vision for water, sanitation and hygiene post-2015

Everyone, everywhere: A vision for water, sanitation and hygiene post-2015, outlines WaterAid's vision for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in the post-2015 framework.

Published on World Water Day 2013, this report calls on UN member states to put WASH at the core of any future framework after the Millennium Development Goals expire.

The report highlights the critical linkages between WASH and a broad range of human development goals – including health, education, gender equality, environmental sustainability and employment. It shows the positive impact that improvements in WASH has on these goals, and conversely how poor WASH holds back their progress.

 The report makes specific recommendations for the post-2015 development framework to:  

  • Include a goal on universal access to basic water and sanitation services as a fundamental human right.

  • Specify a target date of 2030 for achieving universal access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene globally in households, schools and health facilities.

  • Ensure that water, sanitation and hygiene targets and indicators focus explicitly on reducing inequalities, by targeting poor and disadvantaged people as a priority, and on improving the sustainability of services to secure lasting benefits.