Faecal sludge management guide

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Juma Ngombo, 54, is a gulper operator for the Newanga Usafishaji Mazingira Group in Temeke, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. March 2021.
Image: WaterAid/ Sam Vox

Our guide to improving faecal sludge management systems can help you ensure safely managed sanitation.

Faecal sludge management is the collection, transport, treatment and reuse or disposal of faecal sludge from pit latrines, septic tanks and other on-site sanitation technologies, and is crucial to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Use this guide as a reference document to help create better sanitation programmes, specifically to make sure sanitation is safely managed for everyone, everywhere.

This guide does not replace the wealth of existing resources on faecal sludge management, but rather offers a subjective selection of approaches, principles, tools, technologies and projects that we believe are important for WaterAid. We hope it will also be useful for our partners and other sanitation professionals.