Living in a fragile world: the impact of climate change on the sanitation crisis

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Sanitation, Climate change
Teodora Nzingo, nearly 80 years old, showing how the flood waters have gone into the water storage tanks and filled up the pit latrines so causing more flooding in Kigamboni, Tanzania. January 2020.
Image: WaterAid/ Sam Vox

Living without sanitation is endangering the health and livelihoods of the world’s poorest people. A staggering two billion still do not have access to a decent toilet. Now, climate change is aggravating this sanitation crisis.

In our briefing, 'Living in a fragile world: The impact of climate change on the sanitation crisis', we highlight the link between poor sanitation and the transmission of fatal – but preventable – illnesses, and examine how this is now compounded by the effects of climate change.  

We are calling for urgent action from governments to increase investment in sanitation services, and to include ambitious sanitation plans in their climate change adaptation strategies.

Watch our short film explaining the connection between sanitation and climate change: