Joint Sector Reviews

Joint Sector Review in Malawi
Image: WaterAid

Joint Sector Reviews (JSRs) are widely recognised as features of best practice in the water and sanitation sector landscape, helping to strengthen governance, accountability, harmonisation, and aiding decision-making.

The acceleration in coverage needed to reach everyone with lasting water and sanitation services by 2030 will depend on the existence of effective country systems that can deliver sustainable and equitable services to all. Formal, participatory review cycles such as joint sector reviews (JSRs) are one of the building blocks of effective country processes.

As part of a broader government-led cycle of planning, monitoring and learning, and reform, an effective JSR can identify areas where implementation is not going well and, by facilitating evidence-based decision making, suggest appropriate course corrections.

WaterAid is working with partners in a range of countries to build understanding of what effective JSRs look like, and demonstrate how sector actors can come together to establish or strengthen country-led processes of review and course correction.

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