System strengthening for inclusive and lasting water, sanitation and hygiene that transforms people’s lives: practical experiences from the SusWASH programme

Health worker Shumail Bhatti interacts with community members in Nooh Bhatti, Province Sindh, Pakistan.
Image: WaterAid/ Sibtain Haider

Strong WASH systems are needed to ensure WASH gains last and deliver benefits to everyone in society. In this report we share our practical experiences of system strengthening for more inclusive and sustainable WASH from the SusWASH programme.

The SusWASH programme is a five-year initiative implemented from 2017 to 2022 in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Uganda. Funded by H&M Foundation, it also includes globally facilitated learning exchange and course correction, and coordinated technical support.

The case studies we feature in the report focus on stable, unstable, rural and urban contexts.

This learning report includes:

  • The background to WASH system strengthening and the SusWASH programme.
  • The process taken to design, measure change, adapt and learn. 
  • Four country case studies that provide an overview of what we have done, the changes we have observed, and what we have learned so far.
  • Concluding lessons, recommendations and next steps.

The report is intended for WASH practitioners, fundraisers, governments and donors implementing or funding WASH system strengthening, and those who are interested in doing so. The chapters are available to download separately.

Top image: Health worker Shumail Bhatti interacting with the community in the village of Nooh Bhatti, Province Sindh, Pakistan.