The war to end cholera

Image: WaterAid/ James McCauley

The Global Task Force for Cholera Control, along with health ministers and international NGOs such as WaterAid are declaring a new war on cholera – to consign outbreaks to the history books within a generation.

The task force is a platform of technical agencies, including non-governmental organisations, UN agencies and scientific institutions working to support countries to control cholera.

As global cases of cholera soar following recent outbreaks in Yemen, Nigeria, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo, it’s more important than ever to eliminate the threat this preventable disease poses with the tools we know work – including clean water, and decent sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

The new global roadmap aims to reduce cholera deaths by 90% by 2030, and significantly reduce the threat cholera poses to public health.

The plan focuses on prioritising water, sanitation and hygiene services in predictable cholera hotspots – the communities where we know cholera outbreaks occur at the same time each year