WaterAid Nepal Equity and Inclusion Report

This review, conducted in Nepal in 2014-2015, forms part of the second phase of WaterAid’s global review of the organisation’s work on equity and inclusion.

The primary purpose of the global review was to assess the relevance and effectiveness of how equity and inclusion have been mainstreamed in WaterAid to-date, so the organisation can learn from experience and improve future performance.

The review visit took place on 16-20 March 2015, just five weeks before an earthquake reaching 7.9 on the Richter scale hit Nepal, its epicentre in the heart of many of WaterAid Nepal’s programme areas. A second earthquake, magnitude 7.3, hit on 12 May.

The immense impact of these earthquakes – on WaterAid Nepal staff, partner staff and programming communities – cannot be ignored in presenting findings from the equity and inclusion review: there will be substantial short-, medium-and long-term impact on marginalised and vulnerable people to access adequate WASH services in Nepal.