WASHwatch has ended

The WASHwatch logo

WASHwatch was developed in 2009 to help address the accountability deficit in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector. It was the WASH sector’s first global dashboard that tracked progress in the sector across all countries. For the past decade it brought together commitments made by governments with evidence on WASH budgets, service levels and health outcomes. In doing so, it has supported WASH advocates across 192 countries to hold decision makers to account.

Before WASHwatch, it was difficult to access WASH data online. It was the first website that attempted to bring together all relevant WASH information in one place. However, in recent years several other websites have been developed to house various types of WASH information. Given the proliferation of these websites – and the variety of functions they perform – the WASHwatch project has been brought to an end.

Please see the following websites for information and data on WASH: