In March 2019, a delegation from WaterAid presented lessons from the WASH sector at the IRC Symposium: All Systems Go! in The Hague, Netherlands.

Through our global strategy, WaterAid is committed to working with governments, service providers and other partners to strengthen these systems – the people, processes and institutions necessary for delivery and sustainability of WASH) – as a critical pathway towards our shared vision of universal access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Watch the video to find out more:

Our goal at the symposium was to share lessons from WaterAid’s history of supporting systems change, and encourage policy-makers and practitioners to work together to build the systems needed to deliver lasting WASH services to all. There were sessions on:

  1. The centrality of sector performance monitoring and review as drivers of systems change
  2. What the WASH sector can learn from health system strengthening – and the importance of an integrated approach
  3. How a systems approach can increase safety and sustainability of drinking water service delivery.

WaterAid's sessions included:

Beyond building blocks? Identifying and monitoring dynamic drivers of functional WASH systems 

How can we ensure the way we monitor progress incentivises effective investments in WASH system strengthening?

Getting the politics right to ensure ongoing WASH systems delivery 

This interactive session presented practice and research from two contexts and discussed how to apply a political economy approach effectively.

How to ensure systems leave no one behind? 

This participatory session shared lessons from innovative approaches that empower local governments to integrate rights-thinking into their everyday work.

What is a district WASH plan and how do we get there? 

The Rwandan Government has adopted a District Wide Approach to achieve SDG6 by 2024. We presented and discussed evidence from two districts.

Progress in Latin America and Asia: what drives service delivery improvements?  

During this session we explored successful water supply and sanitation improvement initiatives, and discussed strategies for promoting south-south collaboration.

System challenges in urban and rural sanitation 

This session focussed on urban and rural approaches, and included a discussion on how to strengthen systems that deliver sustainable sanitation and hygiene outcomes.

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