Violence, gender and WASH toolkit

Gender, Water, Sanitation, Hygiene

Lack of clean water and sanitation is not the root cause of gender-based violence, but it can increase women’s vulnerability in a number of ways.

Although poor access to appropriate water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services is not the root cause of violence, it can increase individuals’ vulnerability to violence. The SHARE Consortium’s toolkit is intended to help WASH and associated practitioners to better recognise the risks of violence linked to WASH, and to encourage WASH practitioners to recognise how they can make WASH safer and more effective.

Sarah House, Suzanne Ferron, Dr Marni Sommer and Sue Cavill prepared the publication on behalf of WaterAid, with contributions from a wide range of people from 27 organisations (see below). It was funded by the UK Department for International Development through the SHARE Consortium, and has received strong backing from WASH, gender and gender-based violence global communities of practice, and the UK Government.

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