Policies and frameworks

At WaterAid, our frameworks define our position, approach and programme standards for all our areas of work: our cross-cutting principles, our core programme approaches, and our thematic/geographic work. The frameworks are supported by accompanying guidelines, toolkits and resources to provide more detail on how to apply the frameworks in practice. They are developed through internal and external collaboration to ensure our position, approach and standards are based on experience and best practice – making our work more effective – and are periodically updated as our learning, and that of the wider sector, evolves.

Our policies and standards set out the minimum requirements and bring together accepted 'good practice' in the wider water, sanitation and hygiene sector. The global policies are then contextualised by each country programme team and developed into a country programme policy which aligns with the global policy requirements while taking into consideration national policies, standards and constraints in different countries.

There are various other financial, procurement, compliance, data protection policies that can be accessed at relevant member pages.